Drawing & Painting

This unique handmade material is a water-soluble, wax based pastel.

It is recommended for studen - artist, hobbyists or professionals who have a preference to paint with pastels.


Characterised by high pigment intensity with smooth delivery of oil pastel, Pastopaint  offers the possibility of both drawing and watercolour combination that can also be adapted to gouache and impasto techniques.


The 12 colour set has excellent flow characteristics of the oil pastel so it is easily utilised as a drawing stick but because of the added solubilising surfactants drawing can then be extended with a water loaded brush of choice.  

Drawing & Painting

This media enables the artist to combine the strength of both gestural drawing and precise,  intricate mark making with the breadth of painting.


The  water-based pastel incorporates  both delicate applications, strong colour variations and blending while also offering rich contrasts of transparency and opacity characteristic of guoache.


All pastels are richly pigmented - a necessary requirement  when subtle dilutions of  the primary colour source are required.


Water Colours

Solubility of the material allows the introduction of brush work, both as broad gesture and fine detail.


The artist/student is encouraged to explore a vast range of flexibility within the surface image providing a tactility which can extend the fluidity and directness  of expression.


The material is liberating in that students gain confidence in their personal approach as they embrace the creative process.