Marcus Art Story

Marcus Art was established in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia by its founders’ Ed and Rina Marcus.


Ed Marcus was the driving force behind the development of many vital and inspiring art materials. The understanding of the key elements and behaviour of each art product was a consequence of Ed’s ability to think both as artist and chemist in the formulation process.


Ed sought to merge his deep understanding of past practices with the unique contemporary breakthroughs in synthetic resins, oils, pigments, minerals, waxes and key chemical components that facilitated new and unique possibilities for the child, hobbyist, developing student right through to the practicing artist.


Significantly Marcus Art was the pioneer in introducing oil and water-based pigment pastes that could be combined with a variety of flexible stable mediums enabling the artist to have total control over the creative process.


A vital and essential component to the formulations Ed developed was SAFETY: both for the user and the environment.

Ed was vigilant in reviewing and revising formulas, with this in mind.

As a consequence the sense of absolute freedom gained through a very disciplined yet profound felt –awareness of what any art product was made from and how this determined its behaviour became the key credo for every art-material formulation Ed Marcus created. 


In 2006 Ed offered Kentha Edmunds the opportunity to step in and run the Marcus Art business.   Kentha’s association with Ed has spanned almost 40 years and during this period he had worked with him in producing many of the art materials Marcus Art became well known for. 


The Marcus Art range includes Oil Pastels, Drawing blocks, Varnishes, A water Based Fixative, Water Based Shellac, Water Based Enamels, Stain Glass Kits and Water Colours and Water Based Stone and Wood Wax.


Kentha and his wife Smadar are proud to continue in the tradition pioneered by Ed of offering to the artist, the student and the general public high quality hand made art materials that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, Non-toxic and 100% Australian owned and made.


Marcus Art products are reasonably priced, readily available and consistent in guaranteed performance.