Layering and Collag

This unique material is a Water Based Enamel that can be utilised effectively to explore a wide diversity of expressive surfaces and imagery. 


Taking small squeeze bottles, pre-mix your colours from the basic set of  water based enamels or use the pure colours directly using the same squeeze bottle dispenser.


The enamels can be applied to a pre - drawn design with great freedom allowing drying between applications.


Consider subtle blending of hues or tones or allow the rich contrasts to bleed into each other to create astonishingly  rich "discovered" colours.  

Consider using textured panels or surfaces, even try sandpapers, corrugated surfaces or slowly build your enamel surface by a unique collage process. This can be achieved readily by spillage methods randomly applied, then when dry,  cut the enamel into shapes required and then adhere them to your piece with the transparent  or coloured enamel. Continue alternating the drip or spillage method or introduce strong drawing using the squeeze bottle directly onto the work.

Both figurative and abstract images can be created using this highly free and expressive method. Use brush,  palette knife, hatching stick or broad trowells and scrapers to manipulate the enamel either across a heavily textured surface or a lightly veiled one. The possibilities are infinite.

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This enamel can be used in conjunction with other water based materials to great effectiveness.


Being transparent and levelling it is an ideal glaze medium.

Remember it will run on a vertical surface. 


It can also be painted wet into wet  with immediate expressive directness over a charcol drawing or pastel for example or in combination with tempera or acrylic under painting.  


It will re- wet with the addition of water adding a capacity to rework pieces that may have been put aside for lengthy periods. 


Familiarity with its drying time can offer beautiful possibilities for scumbling and blending qualities similar to the methods associated with stand oil techniques.


A skillful manipulation of its translucency and transparency offers remarkable brilliance and richness of  painterly technique.

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This enamel has fantastic versatility in relation to 3D ideas. Using fishing line, wire or  threads of durable strength apply the enamel either by dragging it through a shallow bath of colour or applying the enamel to your design as you would an armature.


Sucessive coatings will build your mobile or free standing sculpture that can then be suspended or mounted. If you introduce light as an element of fusion with your piece the results are staggering. You can cast colour sheets of enamel that can then be "welded" into free standing veils or planes of liquid -- like colour.


By shrewd placement of light  through the planes of colour that could be easily rotated to emerge or vanish using mechanical assistance the 3D images can give the illusion of organic life. Remember the drying time will vary and you will need skill and patience to master this  unique material when working in 3D but the results can be incredibly rewarding.


Good Luck!