Water Based Varnish - Flow 1 Litre

Water Based Varnish - Flow 1 Litre

Our water-based varnishes are valued for their clean, easy application to a broad range of 2D and 3D materials. Being water based they contain no harmful inhalable solvents or toxins and thus are ideally suited for both classroom and studio environments.

Marcus Art Water-Based Varnishes are harmless to the skin and wash-off readily in warm water. This unique, clear-drying varnish has a low key gloss finish.

An effective one coat water based varnish for oil pastel, drawing blocks, watercolour, crayon, acrylic and tempera. This water based varnish also is used to seal pencil and charcoal drawing where the paper surface can carry the slight contraction on drying.
It is excellent for work on heavy card and cold pressed papers.
Being PH neutral it will not threaten the longevity of professional quality paper or board.

Delivering a satin finish this water based varnish is used effectively in schools as a colour enhancer and protective seal for work on paper, board and canvas.
If you intend to create collage the water based non-Drip Varnish is ideal for affixing objects to 2D surfaces.

Remember the water based varnish remains permanently reversible with water and is levelling.