Drawing Blocks 16 Colour Set

Drawing Blocks 16 Colour Set

This superb product has been developed with  the “young artist” in mind.
The unique shape of the Drawing Blocks enables the user to create a wide range of mark-making, using the different angles of the Drawing Block from a very thin drawing line to broad planes of colour-coverage.

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    The hardness of the block enables the drawing method to be explored with vitality and energy, encompassing hatchings to shadings whilst encouraging a gestural style of delivery.
    The entire range of mark-making can be explored with the added bonus of colour.

    The domino shape fits comfortably in the hand of a young child and automatically encourages the “young artist” to engage the whole wrist, arm and body in the drawing process.
    As an educative tool it is exemplary because the hand comes alive to the very instinctive and tactile sense of drawing and gesturing.
    In addition the Drawing blocks are “soft enough to enable the user to blend and create an infinite range of colours.

    This is a fantastic tool to teach young people the magic of colour mixing.
    The advantage of this material as an effective creative and learning tool is evidenced by the fact that children of pre-school age to professional artists use it with outstanding results.
    Drawings made with Marcus Art drawing blocks do not require a fixative or varnish to seal them as they will self–fix over time.
    The Drawing Blocks come in 16 vibrant colours,