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Impasto and Shading



The unique softness of Marcus Art Oil Pastels is ideal for creating painterly effects. The pastels are soft enough to build up an impasto style painting without the mass and drying time of oil paints. Use them on a stretched canvas or canvas board and build a thick, vibrant and textured finish.



A graphite pencil drawing fixed with a coat of Marcus Art Non-Drip Varnish when dry, can be hand coloured with soft shades of Marcus Art Oil Pastels. A few markings of Marcus Art Oil Pastels can be extended by rubbing with a piece of paper towelling to softly shade in the colour. This technique of rubbing off colour will give the image a soft water-colour like effect further extending the versatility of this drawing/painting medium. By using both methods together students can create a contrast of opaque and transparent surfaces that manipulate light.

Wholesale Art & Craft art & craft supplies and online shop

Encaustic & Printing



Using hair dryer the pastel is capable of astonishing encaustic effects.

Watch the colour melt and flatten with the application of heat. Scratch back into the surface with a Satay Stick to create desired lines.



Create a mono-print by laying down colour on one sheet, placing it face down onto another sheet of paper and drawing on the back of the first sheet with a pencil. The pressure of the pencil will transfer coloured lines on to the second sheet of paper.


Wholesale Art & Craft art & craft supplies and online shop

Sgraffito and 3D colours


This is a technique where the top layer of colour is scratched with a Satay Stick or similar tool to reveal a colour beneath. Draw back through the waxed surface with startling directness and beauty to carve out either shape or form.


Don’t confine the metallic silver, gold and copper to be used alone, blend them into other colours to create colours that change when viewed from different angles.