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Relief Rubbing

By placing paper over a textured surface, the Drawing Block will produce a relief print of that surface. By using the broad edge of the Drawing Block and dragging it away from you, across the paper covering the textured object. eg. a leaf, corrugated cardboard, an interesting rock formation or prepared or found relief. Several veils of colour can be aplied using this process, as well as experimenting with a variety of textured paper surfaces. The greater the tooth of the paper the deeper illusion of texture can be explored similar to methods developed by the surrealist Max Ernst.


Wholesale Art & Craft art & craft supplies and online shop

The hardness of the block and its domino shape enables many drawing methods to be explored with vitality and energy. The unique way in which the block alters shape as the drawing process takes place encourages the student to work a line or series of hatchings, shade broadly or layer veils of colour that can be optically or physically blended. Prepared coloured surfaces are ideal for the drawing block to unify an open form of drawing. Working at speed the confident student is enabled to see mark making as a broad and responsive gesture with real possibilities for lyrical or expressive results.


Wholesale Art & Craft art & craft supplies and online shop


The advantage of this media as an effective creative and learning tool is evidenced by the fact that children of pre-school age to professional artists use this material with outstanding results.


The entire range of drawing pattern-making marks can be explored with the added bonus of colour. 

Blending can be achieved very effectively with the use of a cloth, tissues or strong paper towelling.