Water Colours - Pastopaint 12 Colour Set

Water Colours - Pastopaint 12 Colour Set

This unique handmade material is a water-soluble, wax based pastel.
It is recommended for student - artist, hobbyists or professionals who have a preference to paint with pastels.

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    Characterised by high pigment intensity with the smooth delivery of oil pastel, Pastopaint offers the possibility of both drawing and watercolour combinations that can also be adapted to gouache and impasto techniques.
    Using board, paper, card or canvas the finished art piece will need to be mounted behind glass.

    Marcus Art Pastopaint is available in a pack of 12 carefully selected colours.

    This colour stick has excellent flow characteristics of the oil pastel so is easily utilised as a drawing stick but because of the added solubilising surfactants drawing can then be extended with a water loaded brush of choice.
    The surface can be manipulated wet or dry as required and technical control of the wet veils enables the artist to explore a water colour method that can at any time return to drawing if desired.
    Pastopaint forms an excellent media bridge between painting and drawing.