Playing "GOO"

Playing "GOO"

Marcus Art Playing Goo is a fun material because it has a unique feel and consistency. It can be manipulated easily by rolling and building like play dough but its unique ability is for draping the long rope-like and string-like strands into fantastic playful shapes.

To do this simply take the goo from its container and gently form a sausage shape, then hold this above your "play-tray" and watch gravity take hold.
You will be surprised how long the strands can extend and how thin they can become as you wind your design into a spontaneous shape that can be anything you imagine or deliberately create. Photograph what you want to keep and continue playing.

Marcus Art has developed a rich range of colours for the Goo enthusiast.
If Goo is kept in its container after each session, then kept in a cool place (like the Fridge) it will last at least 2 months.
It is advisable not to expose Goo to direct sunlight when playing as this will dry it out in the same way clay dries in the sun.
Goo is made from a polymer resin, but importantly Goo sticks to itself - thus contrary to what many people think of it's "mess factor" Goo when played with respectfully does not pose a threat to carpets and the like.

It is child safe, and contains no toxins or allergy producing components.
Obviously it is not advisable to eat Goo but if this occurs no harm will come to the disappointed feaster.

Goo has been used in business conferences,
Occupational Health Therapy sessions and of course Creche, Kindergartens through to Primary Schools and beyond.
It is a wonderful product that has infinite possibilities for everyone who enjoys playing with a unique highly tactile material..