Aquarels - Water Suylbles Oil Pastels

Aquarels - Water Suylbles Oil Pastels

$15.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
This  product is a discontinued line of water soluble pastel made by Marcus Art. It nevertheless is of professional artist quality and has been much sort after in the past.

The pastel stick is easily handled for drawing directly on to traditional surfaces such as paper, card and canvas.

It is recommended that the finished art work be sealed with a fixative.
Make tests first before applying to a finished work.

There is a wide variety of colours in the range, with each box containing 6 pastel sticks.
The colours are graded into deepest to lightest shades. Use the end of a paint brush to gently press the pastel out from its plastic sheath. The beautiful smooth delivery will excite most artists as will the richness of colour and the pastels capacity for a wide variety of mark making. The work can be translated into water colour using a water loaded brush. The method can resemble gouache if required, or simply a variation of translucent or opaque painting drawing methods.

Hopefully the heavily reduced price of these pastels will also attract artists: this being $5.00 per box of 6. In keeping with Marcus Art's policy of user safe products the Water Soluble Oil Pastels are non-toxic and contain no substances harmful to the environment.

Marcus Art intends to replace this product with a modified version of the same pastel without the plastic sheath and halving the number of hues to 3. It too will feature the water soluble component and should feature a starting range of 72 brilliant colours. We envisage launching this product in mid 2015.